AADC Endorsements for April 2, 2019 election

AADC Endorsements for April 2, 2019 election

The Arab American Democratic Club is proud to endorse the following Arab Americans candidates for public office in the upcoming April 2, 2019 General Election.

All of the candidates have a proven track record of activism in education and government.

“It’s very important for Arab Americans to take the time to vote in the April 2, 2019 elections,” said AADC Executive Director Samir Khalil.

“We’re proud that more and more Arab Americans are engaging in the election process seeking election to important public service positions in school districts, and in municipal districts. It’s a statement of their commitment to this country.”

Khalil noted that early voting began March 18 and is continuing up until the election. 

“You can vote today. But it’s important that you vote. You need to encourage your family, relatives, neighbors and friends to vote, too,” Khalil said.

“It is important that Arab Americans have a voice in our community and in our government. We care about our schools. We care about our communities. We care about our American society and we also have great pride in our ethnic heritage that if other Americans took the time to understand would recognize how caring and cultural rich our heritage is.”

AADC Political coordinator Ray Hanania said that the race for trustee at Moraine Valley Community College is important, noting, “As a former Moraine Valley Community College student who went on to Northern Illinois and the University of Illinois, and as a parent of a Moraine Valley student attendee, I know how important the community college system is in supporting the education of our students. Most importantly is the fact that Moraine Valley today has a large number of Arab Americans and it is important that the college address their needs.”

Hanania said Shadin Maali’s candidacy is “so significant” and urged the community to support her and the other candidates.

Kahlil added, “There are a lot of important races but Shadin’s candidacy is so important. And as an Arab American community we have to bullet vote for our candidate’s. It’s our community’s chance to go out and vote and put our people in office. No community deserves to win election more than ours.”

AADC’s website is www.AADCIL.com.

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